The Evaluation

Sometime around the age of six or seven you sent me to a psychiatrist. Her name was Dr. Glass. She watched me. She watched me draw with chalk. She watched me draw with crayons. She watched me perform puppet shows. I sat in her office while she asked me questions I didn’t understand. After weeks […]

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I have forgotten the total mental exhaustion. After two straight days of attack from Mother, I sit here at work feeling almost incapable of movement. My arms feel weak. My head leans to the right as though my neck is not quite strong enough for the weight. My fingers are tired. My shoulders are tired. […]

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Favorite Childhood Book

A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett. It’s added to my 2018 reading challenge. I still have the original copy my dad bought me. Probably at the mall. The cover is ballerina pink, the spine is broken, the pages are velvety soft and dog eared. It smells like every place I’ve ever lived. Pulled from […]

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First Memory

My very first memory of you I was afraid of you. I was somewhere around two or three years old. I was running from you absolutely terrified. I had to stop running once I was cornered and I turned around and looked at you. There was nothing but hate in your eyes. I don’t remember […]

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The Journey Begins

Everyone is welcome. If you have a memory to share I’m happy to post it. I’m not mad and I’m not sad. I have a good life with a funny dude, ridiculous dogs and a shitload of books.

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