The invisible abandonment of a child of a narcissistic parent

This is a great essay describing how it feels to endure severe childhood emotional abuse and neglect from a narcissistic parent.

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The topic of this article has been on my mind for quite a while and I have been finally impelled to properly formulate my thoughts after a recent interaction on Facebook, which reminded me of all the invalidation and abuse by proxy that we, as children of narcissistic parents, have to endure.

Some of the stuff that I am going to say might trigger or even enrage some people. I am prepared to be slammed and invalidated. It’s fine. I am used to that. I am a child of a cluster B mother.

So here is the thing. I do believe that us, children of narcissistic, histrionic and other cluster B parents, are probably the most neglected, disadvantaged and abused group in the society. And I will tell you why.

If you went through some sort of a visible trauma – war, sexual abuse, being severely beaten up, not fed…

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